Judicial Correction Services is on a mission to help probationers complete probation successfully.

AT THE VERY CENTER OF OUR MISSION is keeping probationers out of jail by helping them successfully complete probation.

We are proud to say, that we have a strong track record in achieving that mission.

WHEN OUR COMPANY IS IN THE PICTURE,  probationers successfully complete their probation more than 70% of the time. When there is no supervision of probationers, the success rate is under 35%.

Acting, in effect, as the probation officer the municipality can’t otherwise provide in today’s times, Judicial Correction Services helps its probationer clients to complete the requirements of the court and successfully complete their probation.

Along the way, we save probationers costs they would incur if they couldn’t take advantage of the help we give them. In fact, the probationers under our supervision are much less likely to serve time in jail, or pay more in fines.

We believe this simple fact makes clear the benefits of a system of probation supervision that comes at no cost to the city and a very reasonable cost to the probationer.


Of course, if the probationer is declared by the court to be indigent, we waive our fees. We even waive fees in situations where the probationer is not certifiably indigent.

And if a probationer can meet the terms of probation within the first two weeks, we also waive the fee we are contractually entitled to receive.

We also help probationers connect with special services that can help them improve their lives through educational, healthcare, vocational, family and academic resources.

So, when you read something in the media about  Judicial Correction Services, all we ask is that you take a few moments to get the facts.